First Spring Photo Shoot

This is a spur of the moment photo shoot with my friend Alyssa Lynn. I also decided last minute to live stream my editing process and have fun talking to people while editing. Thank you to the people that watched and talked to me! I think i'm going to do this more often! I will live stream on my facebook page if you want to be apart of the fun! 

Nail Art Photo Shoots

We work with my mothers business, Perfectly Polished by Carrie, quite a bit. She was recently in a course for, which is an awesome business that allows well known professionals to teach fashion creatives to be the best. This opportunity presented Nathan and I with a chance to help her succeed and experience the excitement of doing studio fashion photography. Here are the best examples.

Carrie's profesional website:

This photo shoot was Carrie's entry into the Scratch Magazine cover competition. The photos were featured in the magazine following the completion of the contest and we are very proud of the results. It only took a dark bathroom, a black light, way too much glitter, and hours of clean up to get these shots.

My Niece Eowyn Rose Photoshoot 3.19.17

This is my beautiful niece Eowyn. She is so cute and her eyes just grab your attention right away. Over the years I think we are going to be taking progress shoots of her to show how much she changes in just a few months! Hope you enjoy!